Customized service

Focus on "design" and "manufacturing process" to screen high-quality warm-hearted products for customers.

Selected materials

The materials used in our products have been strictly screened and tested to ensure that each product is safe, environmentally friendly, high-quality and reliable.

Creative thinking

In order to meet the needs and expectations of customers, we constantly conduct market research and pain point analysis, and use unique design concepts to create more innovative personalized products.

Quality control

We carefully test the size, appearance and performance of each product to ensure its excellent quality. We mainly screen products produced under the conditions of intelligent and automated production technology.

Intimate service

We provide professional pre-sales consultation and design suggestions, provide personalized quotations and solutions according to customers' specific needs, and provide customers with all-round technical support and services.

OEM and ODM services

  • Appearance design
  • Structural design
  • Functional design
  • Customize

Appearance design

Our design conforms to modern aesthetic characteristics and ergonomics, which makes users feel beautiful, comfortable and warm when using our products.

Structural design

We use some professional software designs, such as CAD, Pro/E, 3dmax, Solidworks, etc., to design, simulate and optimize the product structure and create a perfect product.

Functional design

Under the premise of ensuring product stability, different functions are tailored to meet different needs of customers according to different needs, usage habits and scenarios.


We provide personalized Customized service for warm-heart space (including smart toilets). According to the needs of different users, we can choose different materials, colors, functions and other specific needs to meet the individual needs of users.