Concise and fresh

Quiet distant mountains, bright clean rooms, in a free and carefree atmosphere, intelligent warm-hearted products help you to go to the toilet easily.

Our paperless self-drying series technology will make you no longer worry about going to the toilet.


Clever layout

The layout of dry and wet separation, spacious and bright shower space, accompanied by warm-hearted intelligent products and the beauty of nature, can easily wash away the dirt of the day and relieve tension and fatigue.

Winter is as warm as sunshine, and our wall heating technology keeps you warm at all times.


Quiet and elegant

Immerse yourself in a harmonious and quiet atmosphere, enjoy the meditation and relaxation journey in private space, and the exquisite and elegant design allows you to find inner peace.

Winter is as warm as sunshine, and our wall heating technology keeps you warm at all times.

More than 30 years experience in bathroom industry
3 production and supply bases
Thirteen sets of classic products were selected into a century-old German store.
100+ overseas distribution point

Bathroom products

Bathroom products, warm heart quality

LED products

Light up life and warm every moment!

Application case


About us

Suzhou Bizuon Smart Technology Co., Ltd.  main products and technologies cover machine vision imaging and algorithms, smart bathroom, smart home heating, and smart lighting.

We very much welcome customers and partners to join and support us.Suzhou Bizuon Smart Technology Co., Ltd. will continuously research and develop a better smart solution to bring you safe,comfort,and convenient home living experience.


Customized service

We provide customized products and services, whether you are doing engineering or e-commerce, we can design according to your requirements and creativity.