Product name: smart integrated toilet
Operating voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Power: 920W
Waterproof grade: IPX4
Rough-in: 300/400mm
Water pressure range: 0.15~0.75MPa

  • Spiral flushing
    Posterior Cleansing
    Bidet Cleansing
    Children's cleaning,
    Reciprocating cleaning,
    Massage and cleaning,
    Heated seat
    Soft Closing seat
    Sitting sensor
    Antibacterial material
    Nozzle automatic cleansing
    Power saving
    LED light
    Power-off flush
    Flush by foot sensor
    Foot contact automatic flip seat and cover
    Seat ring induction,
    Wireless remote control,
    Knob control,
    Flush away from the seat,
    Water temperature regulation,
    Water pressure regulation,
    Warm air drying,
    Seat ring antibacterial,
    Automatic deodorization,