Graphene electric heating ink heating module

This is a heating module made of graphene conductive ink, which can be used in many fields, such as medical care, automobile industry, household goods, electronic products and so on.

  • Graphene conductive ink can be used in many fields:
    Electronic products: Graphene conductive ink can be applied to the heating elements of mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers and other electronic products to improve the performance and stability of equipment in cold environment.
    Medical care: this technology can be made into medical heating patch, which can be used to treat muscle pain, arthritis and other diseases, and can also be used in warm clothes or bedding.
    Automobile industry: Graphene conductive ink heating module can be used in automobile seats, steering wheels and other parts to improve the comfort inside the automobile, and can also be used in automobile glass defrosting and defogging system.
    Household products: It can be used in floor heating systems, heaters, electric kettles and other household appliances to improve the comfort of home life.